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Mountain Lake

daen - Mountain Lake

Date last changed: 20 Aug 2008
Author comment:
It is winter, high in the mountains of Rydan. The lakes of this area are often subtly heated by subterranean volcanic activity, making them a favorite amongst the dragons who make their homes nearby. They often come here to bathe and relax in the warm water.

This is a scene I did some work on using a few different techniques to get the image to look the way it did. The majority of this image was done in Bryce 6. The Chinese Dragon is from the Daz3D site. The planet was also rendered in Bryce 6, but I actually put it into the image using Photoshop. I'm happy with the way the mountains turned out, and got the tips on the planet from a guy called Rezzin8, on the Daz3D site. (his gallery)

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