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Ancient Ruins

daen - Ancient Ruins

Date last changed: 31 Oct 2008
Author comment:
Ruins from an ancient civilization whose magic is still functioning, if only in keeping a single arch standing.

I like landscape pictures, and this was a good chance to try out a few techniques I've been learning recently. This one made me do a lot of work on using lattices and custom terrain objects for use as props. I made all of the objects you can see in the image here. The stairs in the background were done for another project I started a couple years ago but haven't yet finished (it's a huge modeling project). The vines growing on the architecture were generated using a nice little program that lets you import objects and then project ivy leaves growing on them. You can find it here, if you're interested. The lighting is done via HDRI.

Rendered at 1260x825 in Bryce 6.

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