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A New Home

daen - A New Home

Date last changed: 20 Jun 2007
Author comment:
Well, I've always liked spaceships and space scenes. I meant for this one to be a colony ship arriving at a new planet, ready to set down and start new life. It'll probably look a little skewed on your screen at the moment. It's rendered at 1200 x 800 as a widescreen for my laptop. If you expand the window out lengthwise, it'll get to be the right resolution for you.

I've had a bit of difficulty making ships into models to be displayed. This one, I was able to come up with a simple concept for the ship design and made it look like a transport or freighter. The planet was a downloaded model, as was the largest moon, which is actually a model of Earth's moon, but rotated to show part of the dark side, which you never see from Earth. The second, red moon I scaled myself and tried to make it look like it was farther out. The asteroids were made from Bryce's rock generator and arranged to form a belt around the planet.

The ship was made out of Bryce primitives, and the entire scene was rendered in Bryce 5. I added the engine glow and the cockpit lights in Photoshop.

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