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Please note that this website is now in archival mode, and is no longer accepting new members. As is repeated in the news section below, it may also be shut down in the future. What follows is the older version of the home page. Its invitation to sign up is no longer relevant.
The purpose of this site is to allow people to display their writing and art work as well as be able to exchange ideas on their hobbies. The writing section to the right lets you read the work of the members on the site as well as post comments on it. There are members-only message boards as well where you can discuss issues and just about anything else you want.
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29 Dec 2017
We are no longer accepting new members (and truth be told have not been for quite some time). This website is currently in archival mode and may be shut down in the future.

Daen Daen

28 Oct 2008
Currently working on a new website through which I can host some of my programming projects. You can find it at

03 Jun 2008
We've changed hosting providers, and I've had to make a couple minor changes to some things to effect the changeover. Let me know if you find any issues with the site!

11 Feb 2008
I'm working a bit on revising my goals for the site. Right now, since the writing section is seeing the most use, I'm working on improving that section. The next step will likely be including a system where you can make your stories available for members to edit your stories for you. You will be able to review the edits and accept or reject the entire thing or make changes to the edit and accept it from there.

Hopefully soon I'll also have a better system for this news page on the front. I've been pretty busy recently with other projects and school, so things have been going slow.

27 Aug 2007
The writing section has undergone a bit of work recently. I made it so you could have individual chapters with different privacy settings than their parent stories. In addition I've also implemented a "friends" feature where you can select specific members of the site to be on your closer friends list. You can set chapters and stories in the writing section to be 'friends only', so only those people you add to that list will be able to see them. I'll be adding that to the art section as well, shortly.

09 Apr 2007
I've added a CAPTCHA to the sign up form so it will now be more difficult for spammers to try to sign up with their bots. (I got at least one attempted sign up). I apologize for any inconvenience for the rest of you real people out there, but please be patient.

05 Mar 2007
Unfortunately, due to spammer abuse, I have been forced to remove the ability of non-site members to post comments. For now, if you want to post comments, you'll have to sign up. Don't worry, it's free, and your information will remain confidential and not be seen by anyone else. And no, we won't spam you. I hate spammers, so, feel free to go kick your local spammer. And tell them it was from me.

14 Nov 2006
Added a comments part to the Art section. It shows your avatar and everything if you're a member of the site. Made a bunch of fixes to minor bugs and things around the site. Fixed date formatting issues so now the dates are easily readable on the comments boards and message board. Changed the writing comments so they now show up oldest to newest, and also show the poster's avatar if they're a member. Added 5 most recent writing posts to the main writing page. Next up, the "remember me" feature!

17 Oct 2006
Added an art section to the website. Now you can upload your artwork and display it for others to see. Still don't have a comment system for it ready yet, but you can leave your own comments on it as the artist right now. You can choose your privacy settings, whether you choose to lock it up for yourself, site members only, or for the general public. Let me know if you run into any problems!

29 Sep 2006
They finally got the FTP fixed in my apartment! I've been able to get a lot of work done on the site and get the message board functional and going. It's now open to the general site membership under the main menu on the right. Check out the threads on there and post any features you want to request! You can update your profile, include contact information and a bio if you want, as well as upload an avatar to represent yourself with. Have fun!

05 Sep 2006
Well, they still haven't fixed the FTP in my apartment building. I'm probably going to have to call and get after them again. At any rate, since school has started, I now have regular access to FTP again through the university's network, so I've started updating the site more. The message boards are nearly finished, and just need a little bit more work until they're ready to be used by the site members.

02 Aug 2006
Just added the commenting system to the writing section yesterday. If you run into any broken links or bugs, just let me know and I'll get them fixed ASAP.

28 Jul 2006
Got a bunch of work done on the writing section. Now you can upload, edit, and view your stories. The next thing up is the ability for people to add comments to the stories, whether they're a member or not. Note that I'll be able to delete offensive posts, because that's not something that I want on my site. If you post something that's obviously offensive you'll receive a warning after which if it isn't corrected, it will be deleted. But that's all policy stuff that I'll have in its own unpleasant little section as soon as I get the writing section finished. I don't think I'll hardly ever have to warn anybody about their posts. Just don't make racial comments or post hate stuff and junk like that.

At any rate, it's taking me a while to work on my site because of some problems with my ISP at home. For some very strange reason they're blocking FTP access out of my building and they're taking forever to fix it. As soon as that gets fixed you should see some more updates go up a lot faster.

06 Jul 2006
Been working on the site. Now I've got the membership sign-up finished, and it just needs a little debugging. The writing section is also well underway. I've set up the form for people to be able to read uploads, and for members to be able to be able to upload single-chapter stories. Soon I'll be adding a page for members to add more chapters to their stories, and edit those that are already up. It handles privacy settings, right now allowing for public, members-only, and private settings.

26 May 2006
Just got my new site, I'll be adding the new pages soon. As soon as each section is ready you'll see the links pop up in a menu to the right.


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