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Legacy of the Shadowsword
Shakar is a mostly human nation. This is not, however, because the nation does not allow elves. Elves are well tolerated, and even have essentially equal rights as humans. But, Shakar is, and always has been, predominantly human. Elves prefer to live in Trin'Daran, which is their ancestral home.

Shakar became a relatively powerful nation just before the Great War. The wizards of Shakar have always been slightly more skilled than usual in the art of magic.

When the Great War began, the wizards of Shakar, much like the wizards of Rydian, immediately noticed the large threat the Imperium posed. However, the wizards were the leaders in Shakar, and thus were able to enact precautions, and began organizing their nation against the threat.

Graden Lorn was born and lived a part of his life in Shakar before he came to be the foremost wizard on Sorlan. With his help, the nations of Trin'Daran and Shakar overcame their differences and formed a tenuous alliance.

However, these two nations, despite their strength, could not take on the Diaron Imperium by themselves. They were forced to enlist the aid of the nations in Rydian in order to muster the forces necessary to defeat the Empire.

Once the Great War ended, Graden Lorn did his best to hold the alliance together. However, upon his death, it slowly fell apart. The Order of Exeter tried to take over for him, but they simply did not wield the same popularity and political power. After the alliance fell apart, the nations of Trin'Daran and Shakar still remained close allies.

In current times, the nation of Shakar has been absorbed with political battles internally, because of the nature of its government. The two nations, elvish and human, have still retained good relations, but Shakar is in no position to resist the new advances of the Imperium.

In fact, some would argue that the political forces in Shakar are not even aware of what has happened in the outside world in recent years.
Chapters for this story:
The Order of Excetus
The Diaron Imperium
The Norren Confederation
The T'lon Republic
Chapter 1 (part 1)
Chapter 1 (part 2)
Paying the Piper
Chapter 1 (part 2a)

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