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Legacy of the Shadowsword
The nation of Trin'Daran is the ancient homeland of the elves. Its government is based on a council system. The people appoint council members, and they remain on the council for life. When one dies, the oldest son is usually elected to take his place. The government is set up this way because it is traditional. Elvish society is very tradition based, because of their long lives.

Traditionally, humans are not well respected. But, as society in Sorlan has progressed, the elves have come to respect humans as equals. However there are still some groups in the country that would see tradition remain unchanged. They still view humans as an inferior element, and look down on them. Fortunately, compensating for this, these groups have very little power.

The nation of Trin'Daran has remained very much the same since the years previous to the Great War. The only major change that has occurred is the technological. The elves keep up with the new technological developments very well, despite their adherence to tradition. Trin'Daran is currently one of the most developed nations in Sorlan.

When the Great War began, Trin'Daran, along with Shakar, noticed the peril of the Imperial army. They joined in an alliance and pressured the nations of what is now Rydian to join them. Neither Shakar nor Trin'Daran had the military strength necessary to take on and defeat the Imperium. When the alliance fell apart after the Great War, Trin'Daran more or less kept to itself. It retained good relations with Shakar, but remained aloof from Rydian. The elvish people looked on the happenings there as childish.

Approximately fifteen hundred years ago, three hundred years after the conclusion of the Great War, the race of half-elves was becoming noticeably larger. The province of Karas-Don was set up on the northern end of the continent of Trin'Daran. The half-elves have called this their homeland ever since, and it is still the largest concentration of them on Sorlan.

Currently, Trin'Daran has been concentrating on medical research, and is said to have several of the best hospitals and medical facilities on the planet. The nation does not have a strong military, in any sense, and the elves tend to keep to themselves politically. However, several of the council members on the nation's grand council have begun to notice the threat represented by Emperor Drex and his growing army.

These council members are trying to gain support in the nation for an alliance, much like the one of the Great War, to halt the threat of the Imperium once again. However, the other council members are caught up in internal political battles, and it is unclear whether or not they will agree to the plan.
Chapters for this story:
The Order of Excetus
The Diaron Imperium
The Norren Confederation
The T'lon Republic
Chapter 1 (part 1)
Chapter 1 (part 2)
Paying the Piper
Chapter 1 (part 2a)

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