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Legacy of the Shadowsword
Once, long ago, on a planet known as Sorlan, wizards and magic ruled the land. The wizards were powerful, but most did not exploit the people. There were some who misused their power, and gained tyranny over a nation. But, these were few and far between.

The land was filled with magic, and the manifestation of magic. Dragons soared the skies and ruled the high reaches, wizards tamed griffons and sent them on their errands. Elves wandered the woods, and dwarves mined the caverns. Man was not the only race to possess powerful wizards. The elves and dwarves were powerful in their own ways.

All lived more or less in peace. Not so much from friendliness, but more from not paying attention to the other races. The wizards grew in power and wisdom, eventually coming to be recognized as great leaders by their people.

All of this came to and end, however, when a star fell to the earth. A man known as Venn Ridel discovered this fallen star, and what it contained. Ridel was skilled in magic, and was one of those wizards who tended to misuse his power. He studied the fallen star and found that its stone had a strange property. Called Shadestone, it could pull magic from the netherworld, from where magic came, and disperse it in a small area around the stone.

Ridel experimented with this new stone, and finally forged it into a sword. He discovered that when forged into a weapon, the stone gave power to its wielder, and did not disperse its stored power into the world.

Ridel used this sword to gain power, and gather an army. He launched an assault on the free nations of Sorlan, bringing many under his power. The sword came to be known as the Shadowsword, because, when it was wielded, the magic it pulled from the netherworld darkened everything around it in shadow in the physical world.

Ridel became ever more powerful as he used the sword and gained power through it. The remaining free nations resisted him, and so began the Great War. The war lasted for two hundred years, until a powerful wizard, known as Graden Lorn, with the help of dragons that he had befriended, stole the sword from Ridel, and used it to defeat, and kill him.

The power released upon Ridel\'s death was pulled in by the Shadowsword, and Lorn became the most powerful wizard known to man, elf, or dwarf.

But, the Great War had been costly, and many wizards had been killed. The race of wizards began to die out, and with them, magic.

The dragons and other creatures of magic slowly disappeared. The dwarves withdrew into their carvers and lost contact with the other two races.

The elves and humans remained largely separate, and kept to themselves. Lorn lived for two hundred and thirty years after the Great War, and died. He hid the Shadowsword, and magically guarded it, knowing that if it were found and used again, it would cause another cataclysmic war.

Time passed, and the sword was forgotten, but the Great War was not. Elves and men still remained largely separate from each other, but some intermingled. The two races progressed technologically, without magic, and new nations and countries developed.

It is now 1800 years since the end of the Great War. The elves and humans live together, with the occasional war between them. The dwarves have been completely forgotten, never heard from since they retreated to their subterranean homes.

Now, a new danger has arisen. A man known only as Drex has gained control of a strong nation, and has rediscovered the existence of magic. He is now building an unstoppable army: a genetically engineered fighting-force of super warriors. With this army, and the aid of magic, he plans to bring all of Sorlan under his control.
Chapters for this story:
The Order of Excetus
The Diaron Imperium
The Norren Confederation
The T'lon Republic
Chapter 1 (part 1)
Chapter 1 (part 2)
Paying the Piper
Chapter 1 (part 2a)

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