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Legacy of the Shadowsword
The Order of Excetus
This order was founded in the one hundred and eightieth year after the start of the Great War, by a man known as Damian Farr. The Order was set up to be guardians for the world. They were created as an elite group of warriors. Almost, an order of paladins, really, rather than knights. They were started to help end the war.

After the war ended, the Order was given the charge of peacekeeping throughout Sorlan. They built a fortress on the isle of Exentia. There, they trained new members, perfected their order, and kept watch on the world.

When the Order became well known, toward the end of the Great War, Graden Lorn trained several of the Order's best knights in the mastery of magic. The knights never became proficient in the most powerful of magics; wanting to train themselves militarily, and only seeing use in the more minor uses of the skill.

Nevertheless, they became extremely proficient with that magic they did use. They became the premier military force on Sorlan. However, when the race of wizards died out, the Order of Excetus suffered as well. They held onto their magical abilities for longer than the rest of the world, but lost them eventually anyway.

When the rest of the world was changing, and warring amongst themselves, the Order was becoming ever more isolated. They used the technological developments of the rest of the world to improve their own military prowess.

They now are the most powerful military force in the world. Only the Imperial Diaron army can stand up to them, and still the Imperium is vastly over matched. The knights have continued to grow, gathering new recruits from the outside world periodically. They mostly keep to themselves, but every so often, a nation will appeal to them for military aid. The Order does not always grant the request, but when it sees the need, it will intervene.

There is quite a bit of mystery surrounding the Order of Excetus. Some say they have strange and unnatural powers. "How else would they be able to defeat armies much larger than themselves, otherwise?" they ask.

In these recent days of unrest and war, when the Diaron Imperium is expanding its borders, the Order has not been seen or heard of. None now travel to the island of Exentia. Satellites and aircraft cannot map the island, or see anything that goes on there. Some say there is some strange technology being employed that is keeping the land a secret. Others say it is some unnatural, demonic power, aiding the Order. Those who have traveled to the island, seeking aid from the Order, or seeking other things, have not returned, nor been heard from again.

Neither of the islands adjacent to Exentia are inhabited. They are somewhat mountainous, and covered in coniferous forests, on almost the entirety of each of the islands. Those who have attempted to occupy them have left shortly after their arrival, saying that strange things happen there.

From reports of those who have been to Exentia in past times, it is much the same as its surrounding isles. There is a large fortress located somewhere on the island, built 1800 years ago, after the end of the Great War. However, no current maps of the island exist.
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