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Legacy of the Shadowsword
The Diaron Imperium
The Diaron Imperium dates to before the Great War. Its founding was begun even before the knowledge-priests of Zan-Sen came to their island. The Diaron Imperium is a strictly human nation. Very few elves reside within its borders, and those that do are often treated none too well.

The Empire grew to occupy the entire continent when the Diaroh family came to power. They conquered the whole of the mainland, and pushed what few elves that were there, out, or killed them. The Diaroh family began its dynasty with this extreme move, and continued to expand its borders until the Great War.

At a point just before the Great War, Venn Ridel became the chief advisor to the Emperor. Shortly after he was appointed to this position, Ridel made the world-shaking discovery of Shadestone. He secretly forged the stone into the Shadowsword, and assassinated the Imperial family by himself. He gained much power from this, as the Diaroh family had been gifted in magic. Not knowing Ridel was the assassin, the people supported the advisor when he had himself crowned the new Emperor. Once he was in this position, he began raising an army and launched an assault on the free world.

Ridel was eventually killed by the wizard Graden Lorn, and the Imperium defeated. However, Ridel's line continued to rule, and as afar as can be accounted for, continues to do so to this day.

In the years after the war, with its military destroyed, the Imperium has remained passive under the watchful eye of the Order of Exeter. They maintained their control over the continent, and regained control of the neighboring sub-continent of Soldrek, and the island chain that is now the Norren Confederation. In recent years, the confederation has rebelled, and managed to gain and hold its independence.

In the last decade, a man known as Drex has succeeded the Imperial throne. Drex has changed several things within the inner workings of the Empire; not all of which are known. Most notably, he has ignored the Norren Confederation, much to their discomfort. They have been preparing for war with the Imperium since they gained their independence. This strange peace has disturbed them very much. Secondly, he has increased the technological and militaristic activity of the nation. They are second only to the T'lon Republic as far as technological advancement, and have an extensive space station. They are currently the most powerful military in the world, and with the Order of Exeter having disappeared, they have nothing to hold them in check.
Chapters for this story:
The Order of Excetus
The Diaron Imperium
The Norren Confederation
The T'lon Republic
Chapter 1 (part 1)
Chapter 1 (part 2)
Paying the Piper
Chapter 1 (part 2a)

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