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Legacy of the Shadowsword
Soldrek has been inhabited for about the same amount of time as the continent occupied by the Diaron Imperium. Soldrek, however, has never been ruled by one government, excepting the Imperium.

From the time of its settlement, Soldrek has been a war zone. Both humans and elves have inhabited the sub-continent, and still do. Soon after it was first settled, the inhabitants began warring with other nearby factions. They stayed mostly in the groups they arrived in. As these groups expanded their territory, they ran into each other. Some of them were friendly, but more often than not, war would break out.

When the Great War began, the inhabitants of Soldrek took very little notice. They only became interested when the nation of Rydian began using the sub-continent as a staging ground for its armies. The Imperium soon discovered this, and sent an opposing army to push them from the area. The Imperium had claimed Soldrek as its own before the Great War began, but had never bothered to station a force there, deeming it not useful enough.

However, Soldrek then became the center of attention for these two powerful groups, and became a bloodier battleground than it had ever been before. The Imperium ended up losing that battle and control of Soldrek. When Ridel was defeated and killed and the Imperial military destroyed, Soldrek was again left to itself. The inhabitants lived in relative peace for a while, until the 368th year after the Great War when the Imperium once again conquered the sub-continent. This time, they stationed a permanent garrison there.

Soldrek is now a major military training ground for the Imperium. They have built it up so much that now it is a strong military location by itself.

The sub-continent is also used for weapons testing, which renders such areas uninhabitable. About 20% of the land mass is now useless except for further weapons tests.
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