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Legacy of the Shadowsword
The Norren Confederation
The people of the island group now known as the Norren Confederation have always been a very proud and fierce people. No one is sure when the islands were first settled.

The people of the islands are generally considered fairly friendly to outsiders. However, in the years before the Great War, while the Diaroh family was expanding the Imperium's borders, the islands were attacked.

The Diaronians had taken over their continent, looked at Soldrek (and assumed sending an army over might be counter-productive to their interests), and now decided that these islands were the next logical candidates to join the Empire.

The citizens of the islands were not very pleased about this. They had always ruled themselves, and planned to continue doing so. They fought the might of the Imperium, but it was a losing battle. The people of the isles could not stand up to the superior military of the continent. They were defeated and annexed by the Empire.

The Norrens continued to resist this rule, but not with the same defiance as they had before. The Empire was a cruel ruler to bow to, and punished with little or no cause.

This perpetual semi-rebellion continued until the Great War. The Imperium stationed a large garrison on the Norren isles, effectively squelching any resistance for the duration of their stay. When the war ended, the garrison remained, keeping the Norrens under a close watch.

Finally, the garrison was called away about 180 years ago. The Imperium believed it had crushed the Norrens' rebellious spirit. It did not take long for the Norrens to regain their nationality. Approximately 10 years before Drex came to power, the Norrens launched a successful rebellion.

The Imperium sent soldiers to reclaim the islands, but these were repulsed. The fighting lasted for several years, until Drex came into power. He ignored the islands, and did not replenish the occupation force when it was destroyed.

For the past several years, the Norren Confederation has been building its military and preparing for an Imperial invasion, which they expect at any time.This invasion is both long overdue, and the Imperium does not seem to be preparing for one. This has made the Norrens very suspicious and very uneasy.
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The Norren Confederation
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