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Legacy of the Shadowsword
The T'lon Republic
The T'lon Republic is a relatively new nation as far as the rest of the world is concerned. Founded in the 1694th year after the Great War, the nation has been standing for just over one hundred years.

The continent-sized island on which the country stands has been in habited for over 1500 years. Several different governments have risen and fallen on its shores. It has supported mostly monarchies, but recently a new form of government began to manifest itself. In the 1675th year after the Great War, T'lon's monarch, Seros the Third, began to grant power to the people to rule themselves.

T'lon was originally an elvish nation, but was conquered by humans in the 800th year after the Great War. Since that point, T'lon was governed by human monarchs. However, the elves were permitted to remain on the continent. (The truth is, the humans could never really push them off.)

The elves ruled themselves in a small quarter of the continent. The monarchs of T'lon tried unsuccessfully to annex the elves for several centuries, and eventually gave up. Finally, they tried to create friendly relations with the elves. They had a difficult time of it, however, as the elves were still perturbed about the loss of their homeland.

When Seros III came to power, and began giving power to the people, the elves began to take a slight interest in the nation of T'lon. Eventually Seros began organizing a republic, and offered the elves a chance to join the founding of a new nation, and regain rights in their homeland. The elves eventually accepted, thinking that they would have more to gain than to lose. After all, the humans had not been able to get rid of, or subjugate them before.

In the 1690th year after the Great War, the negotiations and planning began for the creation of the new republic. Elves and humans were given equal rights in the new system. The old human monarchy was completely abolished, and replaced by a senate of mixed race. The new republic kept the ancient elvish name of T'lon, which the humans had never changed.

The T'lon Republic was born, and since the year 1694, has flourished and grown into a prosperous nation. Currently, the T'lon Republic is the technological leader of Sorlan. Their scientists are responsible for much of the recent advancement in the field. Also, their space program is said to be nearing the point of placing a colony on the moon; something that has not yet been attempted.
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