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Legacy of the Shadowsword
Rydian is actually a coalition of smaller countries. The alliance extends to the base of the Farrowbad Mountains, and includes the ancient Dwarven land of Herogett. Hergett was abandoned by the dwarves when they disappeared during the years after the Great War.

These countries belonging to the coalition were separate before the Great War. They bickered almost constantly. The wizards in these countries remained mostly aloof from the conflicts, which they considered to be petty squabbling.

When Ridel began taking over the world with the Shadowsword, the wizards began to warn the people that if they did not group together and fight, they would not survive the flood of Imperial armies. However, the countries did not listen to the wizards. They continued in their petty squabbles until the human nation of Shakar, and the elven nation of Trin'Daran pressured them into allying against the Imperium.

The countries finally formed a coalition, and called it Rydian. Once allied to a common cause, the coalition worked very well. Rydian was made the main staging ground for alliance troops and production. Rydian continued to fill the part of the main launch point until Soldrek was captured.

However, after the Great War had ended, the coalition did not hold together as well as it had. Graden Lorn, who was the primary force behind holding the alliance together, eventually died. After his death, the coalition slowly fell back into its own ways. The Order of Exeter occasionally became involved in some of the more major disputes, but eventually gave up.

In present times, Rydian is an alliance in name only. The countries that make it up are fighting amongst themselves more than ever before. The nations of Shakar and Trin'Daran have become tired of holding the alliance together and withdrawn.

Now, Rydian is a hotbed of war and unrest. With the alliance having fallen apart, and the Order's disappearance, the Emperor Drex does almost anything he pleases.
Chapters for this story:
The Order of Excetus
The Diaron Imperium
The Norren Confederation
The T'lon Republic
Chapter 1 (part 1)
Chapter 1 (part 2)
Paying the Piper
Chapter 1 (part 2a)

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