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Trial By Fire
To those of you who are new to the Warhammer universe (or maybe even those of you who already are acquainted with it), this story is about the founding of a chapter of Space Marines, called the Silver Dragons. The chapter is one I made up when I was looking for something to write about. I wrote it about four years ago, and unfortunately, it still has quite a few type-os and other errors. I've also gone back and redone a little of the writing here and there, but largely, it needs a revision. Unfortunately, as you can see on my main page, I don't have much time right now, and other projects are taking my attention (i.e. the Legacy of the Shadowsword.) I hope to have more time to go over and make a major revision/rewrite sometime soon. An explanation of the basic story-line follows. If you'd like to know more you can check out the Games Workshop site where the universe was developed as a table-top strategy game. I welcome any feedback!

The warhammer universe is set in the far future. It takes place in the 41st millenium (hence it is called Warhammer 40,000) when humanity has spread its borders and formed an enormous empire. This empire spans millions of worlds and has uncounted billions of subjects. It is ruled by en emperor who, being an extremely powerful psychic (termed psykers in Warhammer), guides humanity through its many wars and perils and is even worshipped by his subjects as a god. The empire, being nearly galaxy-spanning, has many enemies. The alien races and other, more ethereal, enemies attack the race from every side having as their goal its destruction. Faster than light travel is done by means of something called warp-space-- a region which is inhabited by demonic entities which feed off the fear and chaotic emotions of the citizens of real space. The object of these demons is to enslave and torture the inhabitants of real space. All psychic powers and usage are by means of the warp, and thus psykers are more vulnerable to the demons. However, in order to maintain the empire, psykers are necessary, because without them, all interstellar travel would be impossible and the empire would crumble. This future is dark with war, pain, destruction, and terror. With so many enemies, humanity needs great defenders. Two great armies defend humanity from destruction-- one is the Imperial Guard, a millions-strong army of men and women who fight in the defense of the empire across untold worlds. The other is known as the Space Marines. The chapters of the Space Marines number approximately 1000, each with about as many marines. The Space Marines are genetically engineered super-warriors. Their bodies have been altered such that they do not really even qualify as humans anymore, but superhumans. They are equipped with the best training, equipment, and psycho-hypnotic indoctrination techniques that make them a force to be feared by enemies both without and within the empire. This story describes a division of such marines and their formation into their own chapter.
Chapters for this story:
Chapter 1: Preparation
Chapter 2: Planetfall
Chapter 3: Conflict
Chapter 4: Revelation
Chapter 5: Genesis
Chapter 6: The Test
Chapter 7: Proven Worth

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